Do You Have an Attitude of Gratitude in Your Career?

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Unfortunately, the economy today has many civil engineering professionals down in the dumps for one reason or another.  Some professionals are unemployed, others took a job that they don’t enjoy because they were unemployed and others took pay cuts to keep their current job.

Amongst all of the doom and the gloom, a new year is upon us and it is meant to be a time of joy and happiness, if you embrace it.  The best thing you can do to uplift your spirits is to develop an attitude for gratitude and be thankful for EVERYTHING you have both personally and professionally.  While the recent holiday season may be a good reminder to be thankful for the things we have, an attitude of gratitude should be something that you maintain throughout the entire year.

Being thankful helps you to realize all of the things you have and helps you to forget or minimize all of the things you don’t have.  When I say “things” you have, I mean people, experiences, groups, clubs, mentors, etc.

Here are some things to think about in developing an attitude for gratitude:

1.  While there will always be people that you work with whom you don’t get along, be thankful for all of the lessons that you have learned from these people that will help you to grow as a civil engineering professional.

2.  If you are unemployed, be thankful that you now have the opportunity to start fresh in your career and pursue a job that will be more rewarding and enjoyable than your last one.

3.  If you recently received a pay cut or will not be receiving a holiday bonus this year, be thankful for the fact that you have a job that allows you to provide for your family in this unstable economy.

4.  If you constantly measure your career on the salary and the position that you DON’T HAVE, start being thankful for the salary and the position that you DO HAVE and make the best out of it.  This is not saying you should settle for what you have, but be thankful for what you have accomplished thus far.

5.  If your job requires you to work long hours, be thankful for the time you do get to spend with your family.

I hear so many people complaining about the economy and I understand their frustration, but the holidays and the new year are supposed to be  joyous times, so my message to you is to draw on the people, places and experiences that you have in your life TODAY and ENJOY them!

Please share with us some of the things you are thankful for in your career this year!

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