It’s All About Relationships.

January 7, 2016 at 10:57 am 1 comment


Relationship: the state of being connected

Engineering projects, project teams, department teams, clients, civil engineering recruiters all have one similar characteristic – RELATIONSHIPS. This includes our relationship with ourselves, our colleagues, our supervisors, our clients, our candidates. We cannot escape this inevitable connection.

How we treat others, through our words and more importantly our actions, will direct our success. It’s about being connected and trying to treat everyone with respect and consideration. If you have established, good relationships, no one can take them away from you.

As an architecture and civil engineering recruiter, I’m asked daily as to how I conduct my searches. My answer centers around the relationships I have established throughout my nearly 30 years of recruiting. Recruiting is a profession that is much more than a business. If done correctly, it involves understanding client needs, culture and personalities, and trying to make the best match with a candidate.

Those of us who love our jobs understand that we are dealing with people’s lives. We try to get to know our clients and candidates, and many become longtime friends. I find that the same can be said for just about all in the engineering consulting business or for that matter, any business.

Prior to the development of LinkedIn, connections were a bit more difficult to establish and sustain. It took a conscious effort. Today with the assistance of social media, a click of the mouse and I can reach thousands of A/E connections.

But with the ease of staying connected, are many consultants losing that ability to pick up the phone and keep the REAL connection? If you lost your job tomorrow, would your connections answer the phone if you called? Are your clients really YOUR clients or are they your company’s clients?

It’s all about relationships.

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  • 1. Bob Gately  |  January 7, 2016 at 11:30 am

    Employees are not stupid and they learn in multiple ways…

    Employees learn the culture from… 

    – pre-employment interviews
    – the employee handbook 

    – what HR says 

    – what the manager says 

    – what HR does 
- what the manager does 

    – what the manager rewards 

    – what the manager punishes 

    – what the executives say 

    – what the executives do 

    – what the executives punish
    – what the executives reward 


    Item 1. employees read the words
    Item 2. employees listen to the words 

    Item 3. employees read the face that speaks the words 

    Item 4. employees hear the voice that speaks the words 

    Item 5. employees watch the behaviors of the person who speaks the words. 

    If Items 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 all send the same message, then the employee is fortunate. 

    If Item 1 and 2 do not send the same message, Item 2 controls. 

    If Item 2 and 3 do not send the same message, then Item 3 controls. 

    If Item 3 and 4 do not send the same message, then Item 4 controls. 

    If Item 4 and 5 do not send the same message, then Item 5 controls. 

    If we want to build loyalty then all words, faces, voices, and behaviors need to send the same message.

    Most all new hires are motivated so why do so many new employees seem to lose their motivation over time? 

    1. Competence, without it job success is unlikely. 


    2. Cultural Fit, without it successful working relationships are difficult to build and maintain. 


    3. Job Talent, without it lasting job success is unlikely at best. 

    Most employers do not address Job Talent.


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