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The Results Are In…

By Matt Barcus
President, Precision Executive Search, Inc.
Managing Partner, A/E/P Central, LLC

From time to time we get emails from those who visit our site asking what the final results are of our Questions of the Month, so without further hesitation, here is how YOU, our loyal audience, have responded:

DECEMBER 2007 QUESTION (That’s right, December of last year, this is the story of my life, 7 months ago and I am finally getting around to putting up the results – my wife can verify this, just ask her how high the pile of clean laundry is on my rocking chair just waiting to be put away; I will get around to it, eventually):

Through what source did you find your current employer?

OTHER*                                                                                             24.4%
REFERRAL                                                                                       22.2%
EXECUTIVE SEARCH FIRM/AGENCY                                         15.6%
JOB BOARD                                                                                      15.6%
NEWSPAPER/PERIODICAL/TRADE JOURNAL                          4.4%

*Anyone care to share what this 24.4% might be?  A billboard, a little birdie?


Are you a member of any of the following networks:  Linkedin, Jigsaw, Ning, ERE, Facebook or MySpace?

Yes             89.7%
No              10.3%

And of course there is FastPitch, Plaxo, Twitter, Meetup, Orkut.  There is even a social network for all of then knitters & crocheters from around the world called – no joke, check it out.


Have you ever accepted a counter-offer?

Yes             57.6%
No              42.4%

As a Search Consultant, I am pretty surprised at that rate.  This has been a topic of discussion on our Forum and I most recently saw a question discussing this very issue on Linkedin.  All the research and all the evidence makes a compelling argument to NEVER accept a counter-offer.  I guess all those folks who responded “yes” are not reading our Forum or learning about this topic on Linkedin…they must be getting mis-information on !


What is your opinion on Public Private Partnerships (P3) as it relates to the US infrastructure?

For P3’s           40%
Against P3’s    40%
Undecided       20%

There is a very informative paper on the P3 Topic.  It was written in 2006 by Benjamin Perez of PB Consult along with James March of the Federal Highway Administration. The paper is titled:  Public Private Partnerships and the Development of Transport Infrastructure:  Trends on Both Sides of the Atlantic (Click on the title to see the paper).


Which do you consider to be the greater civil engineering achievement?

The Panama Canal               54.4%
The Channel Tunnel              28.1%
The Golden Gate Bridge       17.5%
The Empire State Building    0.0%

Personally speaking, my biggest civil engineering achievement was the sandbox I built for my kids in the back yard – it’s a square shaped frame made out of equal length railroad ties…with sand dumped inside.  I’m serious.  BIG achievement for me.


Has your organization purchased AND fully integrated a 3-D cad program?

Yes     65%
No      35%

Do these 3-D programs come with the cardboard 3-D glasses, or are they sold

We will likely post the results every six months.  Please make sure you visit our site each month and cast your vote.  Feel free to reply to this blog submission with any of your comments in regards to the responses above.

FYI, don’t forget to vote for this month’s QUESTION OF THE MONTH IS:

When do you believe the land development market will pick up?


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The Privatization of US Infrastructure

By Carol A. Metzner, President, The Metzner Group, LLC, and Managing Partner,
Back in 2006, the Indiana Toll Road was leased to two international companies who will collect the tolls, operate the pit stops, keep up the highway and hope to make a profit. This is just one of several P3s, or Public Private Partnerships, that are racing to “lease” a part of the US infrastructure.

This seemed to be a good concept, as state and federal governments do not seem  able to raise the monies needed to maintain roads, bridges, rail systems, port systems, etc.  If a private entity can pay individual states HUGE amounts of money and do a good job running the systems, then why not sign us up?  After reading many articles on this subject, I am rethinking my position. I am not saying it is a bad idea; just that I am confused as to who reaps the benefits in the long term?  Sure the states get an up front influx of millions – billions of dollars to put toward other programs, but they give up control to private sector entities whose “fidelity is to their stockholders…not to the people who use the road.”
An interesting mix of Democrats, Republicans and Independents are “sounding the alarm.”  In a 2007 article by Daniel Schulman with James Ridgeway, called “The Highwaymen,” they explore the benefits and detriments to these deals.

What are your thoughts?

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