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Generation “O” and Civil Engineering

By Carol A. Metzner, President, The Metzner Group, LLC,, and Managing Partner, A/E/P Central, LLC, home of

Prior to election day, Generation “O” was used to refer to those who either grew up with Oprah or they were members of the Washington National Opera fan club.  Since Tuesday, November 5, 2008, “Generation Obama,” now shorthanded to Generation “O,” references a grassroots movement of both young and not so young people with goals and focus.  They believed that a grassroots campaign could electrify, and most importantly, get out the message and the vote for a particular candidate. They achieved their ultimate goal: work to elect President Elect Obama.

It is suggested that President Elect Obama will continue his grassroots movement with Generation “O”, encouraging them to give back to their communities…to participate in community activism.  Community activism has been around for decades. After reading many definitions, I think that community activism In the most basic terms, is anything that someone does to fight to better the community, state, nation or world.

This month our newsletter was written by Pamela Mullender, President of the ACE MENTOR PROGRAM of AMERICA.  If you have not read it, please do! Next month our author will be an Executive from ENGINEERS WITHOUT BORDERS.  These important organizations need your help.  We need to give back to our communities.  Whether through our temples, churches, local United Way chapters, local ASCE chapters or either of these excellent programs, let’s not lose the momentum.  No matter who leads the way, Generation “O” or otherwise, we all need to get on board!

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