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Increase Employee Morale and Benefits

Carol A. Metzner
President, The Metzner Group, LLC
Managing Partner, A/E/P Central, LLC, home of

With today’s economy, one of the last items on employers’ lists is “How should we increase our company benefits package?”

Now is the time to increase employee moral and what a better way, other than salary and bonus increases, then to offer no or low cost benefits?  It also shows your employees that the company really does care about their well-being!

Arrange for a series of lunchtime speakers:

Financial planning should be of interest to employees.  Why not offer a series of short financial planning seminars that are presented free at the office during lunchtime? Speakers can cover topics such as bill consolidation, financial planning, retirement planning, mortgage payment relief.  Most speakers will be thrilled to present for no cost.  A great way for them to market their services.

How about going back to the tried and true smoking cessation programs or weight loss programs?

Help local businesses while helping your staff:

Has your company arranged with the local Sam’s Club or COSTCO to offer discounted membership cards? How about arranging for discount coupons to movie theaters, dry cleaning stores, local sandwich shops?  Keep in mind that most businesses are looking for ways to draw business to them.  You can help your staff and help a business in the community.  Sure employees can find these discounts on their own through the internet or coupons in the mail, but wouldn’t it be great to have your company get the credit for offering it to them?

Indulge your employees:

Another trend in the market is to offer employee discount travel.  Everyone enjoys traveling but few can really afford it these days.  A company arranges with a specific travel agency to refer staff. In return, the travel agency will give certain discounts to the company employees.

There is nothing like a good massage.  Arrange with a local certified massage therapist to come in at lunch everyday for a week and offer chair massages.  These costs are minimal. Many therapists are looking to market their business and charge $1.00 per massage minute. (I would pay more than that right now!)

How about arranging for discounts at the ice cream shop? at the local spa? at the fitness center?

Speaking with many of you in the civil engineering marketplace daily, I hear stress, apathy, frustration.  Many of “us” feel unappreciated and concerned about the ending of certain projects and the start of new ones. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for our employers to make the effort to take extra care of us!?!

What types of no-cost or low cost benefits would you like to see offered by your company?

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