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Corporate Recruiters & Headhunters Caught In Downturn

By Carol Metzner
President, The Metzner Group, LLC and
Managing Partner, A/E/P Central, LLC home of
Many top ENR firms added recruiters to their corporate teams  over the past 3 years. Firms were so desperate to hire staff that they increased their recruiting teams by  astounding numbers – never seen before in the civil engineering industry.  Additionally, any headhunter who could spell civil engineering (and several who couldn’t) jumped right on the bandwagon.                       

Weekly I receive emails, calls or see Linkedin updates of corporate recruiters who are looking for employment and third party recruiters looking for contract recruiting jobs. We all knew that cuts in “overhead” staff were imminent. So, now many corporate recruiters are looking for new employers and many headhunters are looking for new clients. 

Corporate recruiters are  networking like the pros that many of them are.  They are using Web 2.0 tools, posting resumes on niche job boards and some are hanging their own shingle – hoping to win some search assignments from firms. Many headhunters are aggressively making marketing calls, offering to team with others and using crystal balls to assess the next upcoming recruiting trend.

Both recruiters have something in common:  both are utilizing LinkedIn and social networking sites to their max! AdvertisingAge reported that LinkedIn membership hit 36 million last week. Everyone wants to connect with everyone else.  Networking is at an all time high. This has presented a few issues.  Several headhunters contacted me and told me of their hesitancy to connect with corporate recruiters who had nothing to do with them until the corporate recruiters were laid off.  And some after “linking-in” report that the corporate recruiters won’t share their connections.  I say…GIVE IT A REST.  As we have discussed in numerous BLOGS here, looking for a job is stressful under most circumstances.  Stress is heightened when looking for a job when one is laid off. Folks, help each other out. And….people remember those that help them when times are tough.

The market is starting to turn.  As recruiters, corporate, contract or third party headhunter, let’s work together. Our work, as in consulting engineering, is mostly about relationships.  If you have established, good relationships, no one can take them away from you.  I have yet to hear from a civil engineer that his or her colleagues are hesitant to help them network!  

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Recruiting the Headhunter

By Carol Metzner
President, The Metzner Group, LLC
Managing Partner, A/E/P Central, LLC

After 21 years of recruiting in the civil engineering community, I admit, I have my favorite clients.  When they call, my team’s ears perk up.  Fingers fly over computer files and the phone lines light up! What makes them a favorite? How can companies get a recruiter’s loyalty, their trust, their market intelligence?  Here are 7 steps to get you on the road to the right relationship:

1. Treat your selected recruiter as a teaming partner.

After you sign a contract, accept that recruiter as someone who can make your life easier.  Team with them on your searches.  Recruiters should be partners; we should not be put in an adversarial role. Integrity and trust are a two-way street.

2.  Describe your search assignments honestly.

In many instances, recruiters are Emergency Medical Techs (EMTs).  We are hired to perform triage. An opening has occurred and help is needed immediately. To make accurate assessments and plan a course of treatment, we need you to provide us with vital information. If this urgency changes or a candidate is identified during the process, inform your team as soon as possible. Time is a valuable asset. Don’t waste yours or anyone else’s.

3. Respond in a reasonable timeframe to calls, emails, presented resumes.

Relationships take time. Discuss your preferred method of communication and set guidelines for response times. Remember how it was when you were looking for a job? Timely feedback is critical and a reflection of you and your company.

4. Know how to sell your company, and do so in an interview.

The days of quality job seekers begging you to hire them have ended.  New job seekers are savvy.  Many talented, prospective employees have multiple interviews. You need to know your company strengths and sell them.  A good recruiter will have the job seeker excited of the potential of joining your company.  Help keep that excitement!

6. Make a judicious decision to hire or not hire.

Indecision about extending an offer to a candidate is tantamount to a “no” offer decision. Don’t expect a recruiter to tap dance for days on end.  Keep them informed of roadblocks to the hiring process and together you may come up with a solution to keep enthusiasm alive for those potential hires.

7. Extend a strong offer package.

Tell your recruiter what you will and will not be able to package in an offer. Let them do their job and work with them in closing the deal.  Give them the tools to fill the gap in your technical team.

Successful recruiting, while part skill and part timing, is about relationships. Productive relationships take time and commitment.  Recruiting the right headhunter can reduce your hiring stress and ensure a strong group of qualified candidates.

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